10 Cheap Products You ACTUALLY Need in Your Home

It’s no secret that being a homeowner can be expensive. Between the mortgage, property taxes, and home repairs, it seems like there’s always something else to pay for. But what if we told you that there are a few cheap products that you can buy to help make your life easier? In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best cheap products that you should consider adding to your home!

The first cheap product that we recommend is a vacuum cleaner. Most people clean their house by hand and have to use a broom or mop instead of vacuuming it up with an easy-to-use machine like this one from Shark! This particular model costs about $200 but there are other options available for less money if you want to save some cash while still getting the job done right.

The next cheap product is a slow cooker, which can be used for many purposes and will help you save time when cooking dinner! For example, if you’ve got leftover soup in your fridge from last night’s dinner party but don’t want it all warmed up again tonight because it’s cold outside then just put it into the pot and let it cook while you’re out doing other things like working at your job or commuting home from work.

The third cheap product is an air purifier, which will keep dust particles out of your house! This product can be used in conjunction with a HEPA filter to ensure that your air is clean and free of any harmful allergens. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to buy an air purifier than to constantly be buying boxes of allergy medication!

The fourth cheap product is a dishwasher! This one might seem like a no-brainer since most people already know that they need one, but we wanted to point out how easy it is to clean your dishes in one of these machines instead of washing them by hand all the time – not only will this save you money on water costs but also time spent scrubbing plates and glasses after dinner parties or big meals when everyone has left their dirty dishes behind!

The fifth cheap product is a plunger! We know that this one doesn’t seem glamorous but it’s a must-have for any homeowner who wants to avoid having a clogged sink. Plus, they’re not very expensive and can usually be found at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

The sixth cheap product is a fire extinguisher! This is another product that you might not think about right away but it’s important to have one in your home in case of an emergency. Plus, they’re not very expensive and can usually be found at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

The seventh cheap product is a ladder! We don’t recommend getting the cheapest option possible when it comes to this item because they can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. But if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get into those hard-to-reach places around your house, then purchase one today!

The eighth cheap product is a smoke detector! It might seem like common sense that every homeowner should have one of these in their house, but we wanted to remind you that they’re not very expensive and can usually be found at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

The ninth cheap product is a security system! This one might be a little more expensive than some of the other items on our list, but it’s an important investment that will help keep your home safe from intruders. Plus, they’re not very expensive and can usually be found at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

The tenth cheap product is an alarm clock! This one might seem like common sense that every homeowner should have one of these in their house, but we wanted to remind you that they’re not very expensive and can usually be found at your local hardware store for just a few dollars.

I Literally Can’t Believe I’ve Never Had a Garbage Disposal Before

Last month my husband decided to install a garbage disposal in our kitchen sink. It was due to no motivation of my own, he came up with the idea and coordinated the installation and all of the supporting work entirely on his own. I didn’t have any opinion on the matter, I just let things happen as they were.

Until now, I had never had a garbage disposal before. I had never seen a need for one and the thought of installing one had never crossed my mind. I put food waste in the trash, or in the compost during the summer. No big deal. Why would anyone want one of these things anyway?

If you’ve had a garbage disposal before, you’re probably shaking your head right now. Of course there’s a need for one. Of course they’re incredibly convenient. Of course now that I have one there’s no freaking way I could live without it. That’s the way life goes though, isn’t it?

As a side bonus of the whole transaction, my husband had to replace the sink in order to make proper room and placement for the garbage disposal. He chose a rather deep sink which is way more convenient than the old style sink that we had. It gives me tons more room to stack and clean dishes. I feel way less afraid that I’m going to break something as I’m working now.

Another side bonus? That old kitchen faucet just looked a bit odd without a sink in a matching style, so now we have a pretty awesome goose-neck faucet that is as easy and convenient to use as it is aesthetically appealing. It almost makes the kitchen look like it’s brand new. The counters are holding it back now, and noticeably so, so perhaps my husband has his next project cut out for him. If you’re reading this honey, I’m sorry. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

It seems I’ve lost myself in one of my ever-so-common tangents. I started writing here for a reason. You know, whenever that happens you can just point it out. Something like “Hey, dumb@$$, get back to the story!” will work just fine. I guess you’d have to say something while I’m actually writing this article though, which just seems unlikely from logistical standpoint. But once again, I digress…

So why am I absolutely in love with my new garbage disposal? For one, I pretty much don’t have to make a bunch of trips to the trash can every time I’m doing dishes. Some things like chicken bones and fruit pits still end up in the trash, but the rest is taken care of with this lovely device (I’m going to refer to it as Jaws from here on out, bear with me). I just run the cold water and flip the switch, and the food practically disappears.

Another great benefit? No more disgusting food remnants that gather at my drain. Of course I used to segregate as much waste food as possible and throw that out as I could, I’ve already mentioned that here. Any seasoned dishwasher will know though that no matter what you do there’s always going to be some stringy, nasty stuff that makes itself to your drain guard. It’s up to you to pick it out from the guard when you’re done working. I’m gagging just thinking about it.

The best benefit of all? My trash doesn’t stink. Like, ever. As almost all of the food is going down the drain, the stuff that ends up in the trash is far less disagreeable. Not only does this mean that it reduces the odor in our kitchen (where we make the supposedly delicious food), but also our garage where we keep the trash bins tends to stay in much better shape aromatically speaking throughout the week. Score!

So in a nutshell, if you don’t have a garbage disposal you are indeed missing out. I just wanted to spread the word because I had literally no idea that I needed one of these things. It’s not even like they’re new… My grandmother had one when I was growing up. I guess I’m just late to the party.

Most-Loved Consumer Products of 2019

Dude Wipes

I’m sure many of you who are familiar with the TV show Shark Tank have more than likely heard of Dude Wipes, which is a flushable, sanity wipe for men. The product was featured on ABC reality television program Shark Tank in 2015 and is now used by athletes around the world.

Black Diamond Toothpaste

For thousands of years people have been using charcoal in a variety of wellness products including, charcoal filtered water bottles, charcoal purifying body washes, and now it’s even used in toothpaste. Charcoal has the proven to cleanse, absorb toxins, and it even has the ability to not only whiten your teeth but also strengthen your gums, while also removing toxins from your mouth. All you do is simply wet your toothbrush, dip it into the loose powder, brush, and rinse. In a period of weeks, you’ll find yourself with a whiter smile and healthier teeth.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Smartphone has come a long way since its conception. Samsungs has recently introduced the “Galaxy Fold” which is expected to be available sometime this year and is expected to reshape the future of Smartphone’s. The phone features a foldable touch screen-flex display, covered with an ultra-thin polymer adhesive, which will make it one of the most durable phones on the market. The 4.6 phone uses a special hinge that allows it to be opened up like a book, creating a 7.3-inch display, which can also be used as a tablet.

Mini 3D Printers

Everyone would love to own a 3D printer, but most of us simply can’t afford to spend $5,000 on a single purchase, which is why many people choose to buy a Mini 3D printer instead. 3D printing technology continues to change the world; it can print virtually anything, screws, phone cases, kitchen utensils, and much more. Everything you create is completely customizable, the options are literally endless. Brands such as Da Vinci Mini, Anet A8, and Creality CR-10 produce high-quality 3D printers at an affordable price.

Wireless Phone Chargers

You can now charge your phones wirelessly, which can be extremely useful for people like me, who often misplace their charger cords. The glass charging port allows energy to pass through your phone so it can charge wirelessly on a pad or stand.

LED Mirrors

Lighted mirrors are a perfect bathroom accessory; their modern, sleek exterior combined with LED lighting creates a warm ambiance and stylish aesthetic, while providing exceptional lighting. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally.

Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is believed to help fight cancer, prevent heart disease, and reduce the chances of you developing diabetes. Matcha is a finely ground powder, made from processed green tea leaves, which has been used in Japan for hundreds of years.

Beard Oil

In recent years, beards have definitely made a comeback, often men will spend hours perfecting and grooming their beards. Beard oils help moisture facial hair and hydrate the skin beneath. It will soften and tame your beard hair, and can also be used as a styling agent.

Phone Lenses

Often time’s professional cameras can cost thousands of dollars, but now with photo lenses, you can create high-quality pictures at a fraction of the cost. The Phone lens extends your optical zoom, without ever degrading your image quality.

Stainless Steel Straws

With global warming and entire oceans being polluted by plastic debris, it’s important that we each do our part to help the environment, which is why many people are using stainless steel straws. Reusable straws can last for years if cleaned properly, but plastic straws often contain a variety of dangerous chemicals including, polypropylene, which never fully degrades of breaks down and often times will end up in our oceans and rivers, polluting our water and killing marine life. Studies have shown that we use more than 500 million straws daily, but by using stainless steel straws, we can do our part and drastically reduce those numbers.