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Telephone Recorder 2ch

Telephone Recorder 2ch


Telephone Recorder 2ch

Date: 2010-08-27



Industry: Computer Hardware & Software

Keywords: telephone recording box usb recorder call recordr phon recorder recorder recording 

Guangzhou Kemei Electron Co., Ltd

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Quantity 1-1000sets
Packaging Carton
Price Description 39USD/set
Specifications 17*21*5.3cm
ID Code COME800-T02
Place Guangzhou,China

COME800-T02 Phone Recording Box

Functions & Traits:

1.This recording device needs only 1 USB cable, powered by USB stably. Don’t needs single power source.

2.This recorder can connects 2 telephones, and 1 computer can connects only 1 recording box like this.

3.The USB interface supports plug-and-play. Don’t needs hardware to drive, quiet convenient.

4.Compared to other recording systems, this telephone recording system don’t needs Dongle(Softdog), it will save your USB interface source.

5.In default mode the recording files will be saved in the D: hard disc, even when you install new system, you can also find the old recordings.

6.Surface Mounting Technology(SMT),good heat dissipation, light & thin, endurance time is twice longer than the normal models, fit to work in every whole day.

7.Real multi-channels design, inquire, monitor and playback never occupy the recorded source. High performance of AGC processing algorithm, gives you a perfect volume balance for near or far point.

8.Identify the call in number accurately, and distinguish the FSK & DTMF signa.

9.High fidelity voice compression,80G hard disc can keeps in recording for 2 years(8 work hours/day).

10.Can transfer the recording file into the WAV file directly, then you can play it by computer conveniently. Supports offline test, ringing test, voice test.

11.Administrator can monitor the phone talk on the real time.

12.Can record in the setting period as you need, then it will not record in the other periods.

13.You can inquire or play the recording files immediately, according to telephone number, remarks, call-in/call-out time or one special period.

14.This system supports Chinese & English language. And it supports the latest WIN7 system.

Hardware Parameters

Model: COME800-T02
Input: 2 channels
Impedance: High Impedance >100 K ohms
SNR(signal noise ratio): 50dB
Frequency Response: 300Hz - 3400HZ

Digital Mode: GSM
Data Acquisition Rate: 12.5Kbit/1s each channel, the voice cab be compressed by 5 times.

AST(average seek time): 39MS
Power Consumption: 200W MAX
Temperature: +5 — +40
Humidity: 5% — 85%

Hardware Configurations

•Operation System:WIN98/ME/2000/XP/2003/WIN7
•CPU: Celeron2.0 at least, with sound card and can run normally.
•Hard Disc(Drive): 40GB at least,80G will be preferred.
•Computer Memory: 512M or above
•Monitor: VGA ,1024*768 resolution will be better

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