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USB Phone Recorder

USB Phone Recorder


USB Phone Recorder

Date: 2010-08-26



Industry: Computer Hardware & Software

Keywords: call recorder phone recorder digital recorder usb recorder usb telephone recorder phone recording box telepone voice logger 

Guangzhou Kemei Electron Co., Ltd

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Quantity 1-10000sets
Packaging carton
Price Description 26usd/set
Specifications 17*21*5.3cm
ID Code COME800-T01
Place Guangzhou,China

Record every telephone line which has connected with our recorder!Monitor on real time! No need any driver!

Accurate statistics for the call in & out!

Record Loop! Support recordings playback!

How to work:

The phone recording box connects the phones by normal telephone lines(in & out),then connects the computer by 1 USB cable. There will be no software installed in your computer, because this recorder doesn't needs driver. So when you connect them, it will works at once.

Welcome contact Ms Bara for any details.We are looking for some agents for our phone recording devices.

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