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DC inverter solar air conditioner

DC inverter solar air conditioner


DC inverter solar air conditioner

Date: 2010-05-09



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solar air conditioner MKY Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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1. Our solar air conditioner can save 50% electricity 2. Our products are marked with CE and ROHS certification 3. Equipped with LED display 4. World famous reliable compressor: 5. Environmental protection and energy saving design 6. Remote control and easy operation (Auto mode) 7. Quiet and deluxe design and good performance 8. Absolute competitive price 9. Fast delivery and good after-sales service 10.Wall split solar air conditioner Btu Size 32 ton 12000 & 52 ton 18000, 72 Ton 24000&100 Ton 36000 Btu Size 120Ton 41000 & 140 Ton 5000, 11. Cabinet floor solar air conditioner Btu Size 45 Ton 16000&52 Ton 18000, 72 Ton 24000&120 Ton 41000,. 52 Ton 18000&72 ton 24000, 120 Ton 41000& 12. Cassette Solar Air conditioner Btu Size 120Ton 41000& 140 Ton 48000 We are able to supply near 1,000,000 units of solar air conditioner per year with high quality and competitive price. We can supply split wall-mounted type, floor-standing type, ceiling type , solar air conditioner, etc. Our main markets include Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, America and Australia.

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