About Us

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to graduate domestic Trade level to International Trade and thereby increase profit margin manifold, until few years ago this remained a distant dream, but today it has been made a reality by opportunities created by ingenious services provided by Business to Business (B2B) web portals.

Paciat.com®is an E-Commerce division ofLibaz Sourcing Private Limited(A Marine Group company www.mrgc.com.pk )was established in 2008 with the aim to provide a common platform to International buyers and sellers to conclude their business.

Paciat.com®has a highly professional and dedicated customer support system to assist its members in the world of E-commerce.

Paciat.com®has developed a vast database of importers and exporters across the Globe to help especially small and medium enterprises to showcase their products and services on the world stage economically.

In a Global village, even domestic markets across the world are becoming virtually international market.Paciat.com®provides the Premier Service of B2B to Traders to take their positions in today’s competitive business world that is philosophy behind our sloganCreating Opportunities!

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