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For when a local sports and goods suppliers firm decided to embrace the international market, they had little idea what awaited them narrates the Marketing executive, entrusted with the project for globalization and redesigning the infrastructure and management of business processes. The international market had such huge and intense competition that left little room to breathe.

The first step by the company was to setup E-Marketing, sending in hordes of Emails, back breaking Electronic Advertising and then waited patiently for opportunity to knock, but that did not went very well, the resources were more than our ROI’s, we initially targeted the vertical market systematically, but other companies had a far better approach and a well-kept reputation as they had a giant head start, since we had just begun there was more to offer than simple products we had to add value to our products and provide a comprehensive description which included detailed content , videos and demos in short we had a reputation to make that exceeded those of our predecessors to survive in the electronic jungle.

This went on for some time with no significant sales, the vertical market proved to be a too narrow approach, The company finally needed to make to decision that would put to stake a lot more than they bargained for, they decided to approach the horizontal market and break free of the geographical limits, for that they needed such a platform that provided with an excellent reliable and endless source of buyers, after a couple of such platforms the company finally came across Paciat, it had free registration, a reach to more than 250 countries, user friendly interface and huge data source.

At first the company posted some selling leads, the process took some time as, the infrastructure had to be tailored to the B2B standards and the business to be streamlined to match the requirements, but during all of this the platform provided with excellent online support throughout.

Then it began to happen we began to see the difference of what a few well-placed resources and proper choices could do for a business, the leads began to pick up and the orders started coming in. The beauty of all of this was that during the online campaign, none of the other media marketing projects had to suffer.

Outstanding results followed qualified leads were more than 2oo percent of our target objectives, with sales 34 percent higher than predicted. A clear indication of the success of the campaign was that the campaign had to be stopped halfway through to give the sales team a chance to catch up.

Just as important as this project was the difference this campaign made to the sales team who were all energized by a campaign that gave them live, qualified leads and when they made their calls the entire sales process was much easier as prospect were already educated about the products , the campaign had already done half the job for them.

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